Feeling lonely? You’re not the only one


So there I am, preparing for the “most wonderful time of the year” and it hits me – God, I’m lonely.

Now writing that, I’m really scared. I’m actually thinking of bottling this whole post. If I haven’t and you’re reading this, spare a thought for me because I’ll be sitting in a corner and worrying. Because out of the many social taboos out there, saying you’re lonely is one of the big ones.

Saying you’re lonely is the modern equivalent of walking through a busy street, ringing a bell and shouting: “Unclean. Unclean” while your leg drops off; an admittance that something is wrong, that you’re unworthy in some way because you don’t have a friend.

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Face masks: A detox for your skin


Now is the time of year for a detox. At least, that’s what some magazines would have you believe. You spent Christmas (and some of January) merrily eating drinking your way through the contents of your cupboards (even that weird stuff at the back) and now you turn on the TV and the diet programmes have started. Well, I’m having none of it. No, instead I’m going to feed my face with face masks. Continue reading “Face masks: A detox for your skin”

Benefit They’re Real – the holy grail of mascaras?


Eyes are the windows of the soul, they say, so make sure they’re framed properly with a good mascara, says The Mumster

For some people, it’s lipstick. But for me, if I could only use one item of make-up for the rest of my life, without hesitation it would be mascara.

I’ve always felt my eyes are my best feature, so why not exaggerate them? Which is why I’m always on the look out for THE ONE: the holy grail of mascaras that offers length, separation and volume.

So I thought I’d test out the many I have and see how I got on. To give them a fair go, I left off the THEY’RE REAL TINTED PRIMER by Benefit that I normally use, but actually, it didn’t really effect the end result that much. Still, I do feel it stops panda issues and keeps my lashes soft.

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Beauty on a budget


She likes to splash out, but how does The Mumster cope when asked to watch the pennies? 

It is ridiculously easy to spend money nowadays. Contactless means you can just tap your way around town, merrily pinging through cash that doesn’t feel quite real. If like me you may have flashed your plastic a bit too much, then are there budget friendly options out there that are a treat without being spendy.

Over the course of a week I tried various products, all available in Boots, Superdrug or supermarkets. The most expensive product was £16.50 and the cheapest £3.29. Now I love an expensive product, usually – although not always – they are better quality. However, I have discovered and rediscovered some real finds, a lot of which I am carrying on with. Continue reading “Beauty on a budget”

One palette – seven looks


Down to the pan on only two colours in your eyeshadow palette? The Mumster throws shade on sticking to the same looks and shows us how to get the most from the handiest piece of your make-up collection…

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2017 – A year in beauty

If it’s make-up, then there’s only one person I turn to – my friend The Mumster. Seriously, if you can swatch, dab or layer it, she’s there. I’m so happy she’s agreed to do a regular piece for 50 Sense. Enjoy… (Nothing here comes from PRs. It’s all her own stuff and her own opinion.)

At this time of year the TV, radio and newspapers are littered with reviews of the year. It’s definitely a tradition – and who am I to argue with that? Traditions are what keep us going. Except sprouts. No one needs sprouts.

I love make-up. It is my Kryptonite, as my bank account will testify. The packaging, the thrill of the purchase, the joy in using the latest thing that will make me look stunning (or at least feel stunning and isn’t really the point of make up?) I tried a few new things last year, but only a few made it. So here are my finds for 2017:

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How to survive the menopause


Do me a favour. Click open a new tab, go to Google Images and type in “menopause”. Go on… I’m waiting. That’s it! I can hear you screaming – I mean, have you ever seen anything a selection of more depressing pictures in your life? Row after row of women with crumpled, agonised faces, desolately holding their head in their hands or their hands to their foreheads – when they’re not holding a massive electric fan, that is.

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