Five reasons why we had the best childhood


I loved the BBC’s Back in Time for the Weekend. If you didn’t see it – and do try if it’s on again – a family basically spend 30 days living a decade, so day one and they’re back in 1950, day 2 is 1952, day 3 and its 1953 and so on, right through to the year 2000, living exactly how families in that year lived, complete with food, clothes and morals.

It really was a trip down memory lane, full of: “Eeee, do you remember…?” and: “Ha! Only the posh lot down the street had them.” and: “God, I’d forgotten about that.”

But perhaps the most interesting aspect was seeing how today’s young people – tweens and teenagers – reacted to being young in those decades. Continue reading “Five reasons why we had the best childhood”


Fashion faux pas for the 50s (nearly)


All I want is a top. Perhaps, two tops. Okay, definitely three. That’s all. It’s not like I’m asking to take Aidan Turner’s inside leg measurement, is it?

Actually, I think wiping down Poldark’s excess sweat would be a much easier challenge than being a near-50-year-old searching for clothes. Continue reading “Fashion faux pas for the 50s (nearly)”

My haunted house


No matter what crazy scheme I’ve set my heart on doing, my mam has 99 per cent of the time said one thing: “Eeeee, well, go do it. If it all goes wrong, you can always come back home.” (The one per cent was my New Romantic phase in my early teens, when I tried to go into town wearing Steve-Strange-meets-Dame Edna-Everage make-up, she told me that I couldn’t actually leave the house.)

But now that’s gone. I have no home any more.

Continue reading “My haunted house”

Style icons for any age


(Well, that title’s not bloody true for a start because Kendall Jenner’s not on the list so that’s the young ones out of it.)

Confession time, I am a slob. I am not one of nature’s stylish people, nor do I particularly work at it. I’d love to – oh God, would I love to – because there is nothing more awe-inspiring than seeing an effortlessly chic person.

(Yes, yes, I know. The birth of a baby, the Milky Way, everything Mother Nature puts out etc. But at 8am, when my mouth can still taste the coffee and my brain can’t and there’s a “I just threw this on” Ines de la Fressange lookalike opposite me looking like she’s had a night of champagne and non-stop rampant sex and oooozing with confidence and Continue reading “Style icons for any age”

Five songs that will never leave my iPhone


Fed up of hearing the same old songs as I worked out at the gym, I had a clear out of my iPhone the other day. I was ruthless, getting rid of old favourites who’d outplayed their usefulness, but there were some which I couldn’t get rid of. It’s not that they’re my favourites – I don’t even listen to them half the time – but they beat as strongly in my heart as the day I first heard them. So if you’re ready, pop pickers, here are the Five Songs I Can Never Remove From My iPhone. Continue reading “Five songs that will never leave my iPhone”

Who is your mother?

Grandmaother And Childs Hands About To Touch

mother (ˈmʌðə )



  1. a female who has given birth to offspring


Well, first of all – Happy Mothering Sunday! Yeah, I’m going with the British English version rather than Mother’s Day. And don’t get me started on the HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! card I saw the other day – where’s the bloody apostrophe, copywriter?

But looking at Collins’ definition of “mother” above, I think I’m happier with Mothering Sunday. After all, a mother is so much more than someone who just gives birth to you, isn’t she? Several of my friends have never given birth but are also doing an amazing job Continue reading “Who is your mother?”

The general theory of mirrors



We’ve all done it – put your make-up on and left the house feeling okay, even not bad, and then looked into a mirror later to see an entirely different face staring back at you.

It happens to me every day when I go to the work loos. Somehow, the person in that mirror has aged several years and has really, really bad make-up.

But now I know the answer – and it’s all to do with physics. Continue reading “The general theory of mirrors”