Victoria Wood and other inspirations


Am I the only person who’s seen half her iTunes’ collection die this year? Bowie, Lemmy, Prince… They’ve each touched my life in ways that they would never realise and have been the backdrop to my last 49 years.

Yet it was the death of a fat Northern lass that really affected me. Continue reading “Victoria Wood and other inspirations”


When I’m sixty-four


“Guess what I watched today?” said my mam.

It’s a question that strikes fear into my heart. She’d just been to the day centre – God bless the NHS – and it could have been anything. She had a small stroke a few years ago and at times can’t quite remember her words, so a conversation can turn into a Two Ronnies‘ sketch. Continue reading “When I’m sixty-four”

Secret shame of the peri-menopausal woman

Saffy. Licensed by CC by 2.0

I promised to be honest in this blog and yet… is this a post too far? Will I regret it? Will I be greeted by jeers and titters on the Tube tomorrow morning?

Okay, probably not.

But I’m about to write on a subject that few women like discussing and most keep to themselves – hair.

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