2016 was a wonderful year


Ha! Now that surprised you, didn’t it? Someone singing the praises of a year in which we saw the UK divided over Brexit, Donald Trump – DONALD TRUMP! – elected president of the United States, hate crimes rise, an MP killed for speaking up for the helpless, war in Syria, the return of the Cold War and the death of Princess Leia (not to mention all the other heroes we grew up with).

Added to that, this year, I heard about the first death of someone I’d known at school. Other people I know have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

Yet, 2016 has been a wonderful year. I’ve seen friends welcome babies and squealed as others have announced more are on the way in 2017. I’ve celebrated weddings of all sexualities. I’ve had kisses, cuddles, laughs, surprises, friendship, love, visited China, returned to Madrid, travelled business class for free, met mind-blowing people…


For the first time since I was at least 18, I’m not looking forward to a new year with a “Thank God that year’s over” because a new year does not mean the end of the bad news. I will see more heroes die, more wars, more daft political decisions, more bad fashions. That has been a constant for the last 49 years and ten months.

However, I will also see good things happen because good things have also been a constant for the last 49 years and ten months, even if sometimes they have been hard to see.

As I write this, I have lived 437,016 hours or 26,220,960 minutes.

They’ve not all been good and I certainly won’t look back on the last three years with much love. But can I say all those 1,576,800 minutes have been bad? No, because some of them have been wonderful.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to go all Pollyanna and bumper-sticker you with life-affirming messages (I keep them for Facebook, like all cynics).

But as the circle of life spins to another year (I didn’t say anything about not using clichés), I am going to say that its time to stop viewing life as “good” or “bad” because it’s not. It’s life and we have to grab on and live it to the full.

And that’s what I’m going to continue to do in 2017.

Happy New Year, everyone


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