Celebrating the joy of six


With a bulging make-up bag to her name, can The Mumster survive on just the bare minimum?

Products. I love them – and it turns out I love them a lot because I have loads.

Primers, highlighter, contour, bronzer, eye shadows – all those things that you don’t really need (though, frankly, do any of us actually need make-up? Probably not, but you’ll have to prise them out of my cold dead hands before I give it up.) I wear make-up because I love the self-expression, I love the ability to change how I look from day to day with a different lipstick and eyeshadow.

So how would I cope when 50 Sense challenged me to do a face with the minimum of products? Continue reading “Celebrating the joy of six”


Chanel Lift Lumière foundation – the ace of base


It’s not only the evenings that are getting lighter, The Mumster’s foundation is changing for spring too. But which one to choose

After testing face masks, my skin is in pretty good shape (I’ve carried on doing them twice a week) but this hasn’t always been the case. After my fourth child, my face went into a hormonal meltdown of epic proportions and foundation was my saviour (and antibiotics!).

Today, however, I prefer a lighter cover (Huda and Nars have launched full cover bases which get good reviews). My biggest problem now is shine and that with my pale(ish) skin can make finding the right base difficult. Continue reading “Chanel Lift Lumière foundation – the ace of base”

Face masks: A detox for your skin


Now is the time of year for a detox. At least, that’s what some magazines would have you believe. You spent Christmas (and some of January) merrily eating drinking your way through the contents of your cupboards (even that weird stuff at the back) and now you turn on the TV and the diet programmes have started. Well, I’m having none of it. No, instead I’m going to feed my face with face masks. Continue reading “Face masks: A detox for your skin”

Benefit They’re Real – the holy grail of mascaras?


Eyes are the windows of the soul, they say, so make sure they’re framed properly with a good mascara, says The Mumster

For some people, it’s lipstick. But for me, if I could only use one item of make-up for the rest of my life, without hesitation it would be mascara.

I’ve always felt my eyes are my best feature, so why not exaggerate them? Which is why I’m always on the look out for THE ONE: the holy grail of mascaras that offers length, separation and volume.

So I thought I’d test out the many I have and see how I got on. To give them a fair go, I left off the THEY’RE REAL TINTED PRIMER by Benefit that I normally use, but actually, it didn’t really effect the end result that much. Still, I do feel it stops panda issues and keeps my lashes soft.

Here we go… Continue reading “Benefit They’re Real – the holy grail of mascaras?”