How to summerproof your make-up

Powders full

It’s wonderful to have warmer weather, but the heat can play havoc with your everyday look. Luckily, The Mumster has the answers…  

I have a confession. Summer isn’t my favourite season. It always feels like every grey, rainy day is a disappointment while every nice, sunny day in spring or autumn is a bonus. I also find the heat difficult when it comes to applying make-up that stays put. However, in the spirit of embracing change, I am taking a more positive attitude to the rising temperatures and sunny days and have created a face that will stay put.


Staying safe

First off – SPF. We all know we need it, but it can feel quite greasy on your face and when you try your damnedestto avoid looking shiny anyway, that is not what you want in the summer.

I go for a SPF 50 on my face. I bitterly regret the years when I yearned to be a factor 2 girl. I even rented a sunbed a couple of times – honestly, what an idiot. Now it’s SPF 30 October to March and 50 the rest of the year. Australian brand SunSense’s Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish is oil free. It does leave a bit of a sheen, but it’s not greasy and you don’t get that chalky finish you can get with some sun creams.

Next, La Roche-Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Sun Cream Gel, which launched last year and isfantastic. It’s mattifying and I use it underneath make-up then top up again later. At £16.50 in Boots, its not too expensive neither.

Unfortunately,Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The UV Beauty Protector is – but it is amazing so worth it. It’s a tinted SPF 50 UV filter that can also be used as a tinted moisturiser (although its better for paler skins). It gives good coverage without being greasy and it doesn’t sink into pores. I’m trying to justify it to myself that I bought it a few years ago and then didn’t use it and it’s like two products in one so it’s probably not too bad – but who am I kidding?!!!

For lips, Blistex have lip protector with Spf 50 that doesn’t leave you with white ghostly lips. It has a pleasing fruity taste and makes my lips feel soft and moisturised.

chanel les beiges.jpeg

Forget Willy Wonka…

I really struggle with BB Creams and Tinted Moisturisers, they all seem to be rather orange and who wants to look like an Oompa Loompa? Chanel Les Beiges All In One Healthy Glow Fluidsmells divine and is nice and light. It gives a radiance to the skin that makes you look healthy. A good budget option is the newly launched L’Oréal Bonjour Nudista Awakening Skin Tint, which also works well with my pale skin.

bobbi brown blusher.jpeg

Colour me beautiful

For bronzing, Guerlain is the business. Their Terracotta range goes from pale to dark so it suits most skin colours, plus they have a either matte or shimmer options. They are expensive, but they last for ages. They bring out new ones each year so the matte trio with blush and shimmer palette have slightly changed pattern but they remain much the same. I think they are definitely worth the investment. They give me a healthy glow as if I’ve been out in the sun and then compliment my skin tone when I do have a bit of a tan. They are buildable, too, so you can increase the intensity and they’re also good as contouring powders.

Cream blusher can be good in the summer as they give a more natural lighter finish. Clarins Multi Blush comes in a neat compact and the cream turns to a powder finish but still gives a creamy glow. If you’re looking to reduce the number of products you take on holiday, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (a perennial favourite, as you can see here) can also be used for lips so it’s great.

bobbi brown

Eyes right

Does anyone else get sweaty eyelids or is that just me? Heat is very much the enemy with eyeshadows, it seems, especially if you prefer powders, like me. Thankfully, Urban Decay Eye Primer keeps them pretty much in place.

While I’ve never been that much of a fan of cream eyeshadows, they seem to have improved in recent years and settle less in creases than before. My budget favourites are Revlon Colorstay Crème Eye Shadow and Maybelline Color Tattoo 24Hr Single Eyeshadow. Both last well and don’t crease – the Revlon has a nice shimmer, while the Maybelline is more glittery.

For mascara,Clarins Double Fix is a brilliant top coat that makes any mascara waterproof. It can also be used as a clear brow fixing gel. Estée Lauder Little Black Primer also has a dual function being a lash primer and as a fixing top coat, although I still get smudging.

Pucker up

Forget the rules. Any lipstick can work all year round – matte, satin or gloss. Certain colours look particularly better in the summer – corals and reds with an orange tone work well with a bit of colour in your face – but if your skin has a more pink undertone, then a berry shade may work better.

How do you heatproof your face? Let us know what works for you in the summer. We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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