The 10 joys of getting older


After the doom and gloom of the past few days, I needed a cheer-me-up so counted the blessings of growing older…

  1. No more periods.

A friend of mine adores Auntie Flo coming each month. “I feel like a woman,” she says. I say she’s a bloody fool – as I may have told her once or twice or 59 million times. No more pain, no more hassle, no more mood swings (that one’s added at the insistence of Mr 50 Sense). I mean, obviously, I’ll be saying goodbye to white jeans, pouring blue water on me knickers and skydiving, but some sacrifices are worth it. Continue reading “The 10 joys of getting older”


Five songs that will never leave my iPhone


Fed up of hearing the same old songs as I worked out at the gym, I had a clear out of my iPhone the other day. I was ruthless, getting rid of old favourites who’d outplayed their usefulness, but there were some which I couldn’t get rid of. It’s not that they’re my favourites – I don’t even listen to them half the time – but they beat as strongly in my heart as the day I first heard them. So if you’re ready, pop pickers, here are the Five Songs I Can Never Remove From My iPhone. Continue reading “Five songs that will never leave my iPhone”