Five reasons why we had the best childhood


I loved the BBC’s Back in Time for the Weekend. If you didn’t see it – and do try if it’s on again – a family basically spend 30 days living a decade, so day one and they’re back in 1950, day 2 is 1952, day 3 and its 1953 and so on, right through to the year 2000, living exactly how families in that year lived, complete with food, clothes and morals.

It really was a trip down memory lane, full of: “Eeee, do you remember…?” and: “Ha! Only the posh lot down the street had them.” and: “God, I’d forgotten about that.”

But perhaps the most interesting aspect was seeing how today’s young people – tweens and teenagers – reacted to being young in those decades. Continue reading “Five reasons why we had the best childhood”