When I’m sixty-four


“Guess what I watched today?” said my mam.

It’s a question that strikes fear into my heart. She’d just been to the day centre – God bless the NHS – and it could have been anything. She had a small stroke a few years ago and at times can’t quite remember her words, so a conversation can turn into a Two Ronnies‘ sketch. Continue reading “When I’m sixty-four”


Who is your mother?

Grandmaother And Childs Hands About To Touch

mother (ˈmʌðə )



  1. a female who has given birth to offspring


Well, first of all – Happy Mothering Sunday! Yeah, I’m going with the British English version rather than Mother’s Day. And don’t get me started on the HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! card I saw the other day – where’s the bloody apostrophe, copywriter?

But looking at Collins’ definition of “mother” above, I think I’m happier with Mothering Sunday. After all, a mother is so much more than someone who just gives birth to you, isn’t she? Several of my friends have never given birth but are also doing an amazing job Continue reading “Who is your mother?”